Child Support: Who does it belong to?

For ABD-related benefits, child support is usually counted as income for the child for whom it is intended. Refer to article ABD: How to Code Child Support 1/3 Deduction for Child with Disability for explanation on how to count the child support when determining eligibility for a child who has a disability. If eligibility is […]

Deeming Resources from Parent(s) to Disabled Child

Calculations to determine if any resources are deemed to minor disabled children from the parents

Using the Appendix I-7 Family Relationships

Instructions on using the Appendix I-7 to determine degree of relationship.

TEFRA Packet

Link to TEFRA Packet PDF

UpdatedCM Screen

Check the CM screen to obtain information regarding Case Members and Social Security Number(s). To view this screen: Login to IMS Clear the screen Type CM (space) and the case number Press ‘Enter’ Case Status O = Open CO – County Identifier OFF – Office Identifier The data displayed on the CM screen is as […]

Other Eligibility

SSI-DCP Overview

Provides contracted services to special needs children and youth.

UpdatedBENDEX Payment Status Codes

Block B20 refers to the Payment Status Code – Displays the SSA payment status for the beneficiary. The Codes are broken down in the following categories. Adjustment Abatement Current Pay Deferred Denied Delayed Suspended Terminated Uninsured Withdrawal Other Adjustment AA Withdrawal To Split Payments AC Correction In Benefit Rate AD Adjusted For Dual Entitlement AE […]

UpdatedTax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA)

Policy Link Regarding TEFRA

UpdatedSupplemental Security Income Disabled Children’s Program (SSI-DCP)

SSI-DCP – is an acronym for the Supplemental Security Income Disabled Children’s Program. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Services: 340:40-7-3.1. Child with disabilities; and 340:40-7-8. Defining the need factor for child care benefits. Public Assistance Procedures 340:65-3-1. Determination of eligibility; and 340:65-3-8. Determination of continuing eligibility. SSP 340:15-3-1. Eligibility and available […]