Child Care Subsidy: Changing Unit Types & Increasing Number of Units

For child care cases, there may be times in which the unit types / number of units may need to be changed (INCREASED). For example, Carrie Shelton’s need factor for child care at the time of certification was 2 full time days a week. After working for a month, her employer increased her work schedule to 5 days a week.

NOTE: According to policy, the number of units should not be decreased during the eligibility period unless it was determined the case was approved in error. If this is the case, staff the case with the Child Care Unit. It is also important to remember that changing the unit type from Weekly 5 to Blended is not a negative change.

A change can be made to the unit types within the current month by the following steps:

  • On the Child Care Tab, Eligibility Notebook, make a change for the next effective month.
  • On the Auth Daycare Tab for the child for whom the increase in units is occurring; make a change with the Begin/Change Date coded with the date of change. This date can be the 1st of the current month.

There may be a need to send an EBT-4; that is when incorrect case information is transmitted to EPPIC and the provider is paid incorrectly.

Refer to articles Child Care Subsidy: How to Submit an EBT-4 and Child Care Subsidy: When to Submit an EBT-4 for additional information.

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