Changing Unit Types & Increasing Number of Units

Overview of Changing Unit Types within Eligibility Period

Blended School Age Unit Type

Blended school age unit type – a Child Care Subsidy unit type that may be authorized when a child needs care four hours or fewer per day Monday through Friday when school is in session and more than four hours per day Monday through Friday on school holidays.

Unit Type Examples

The following scenarios will give examples of which unit types to approve for child care benefits based on the Appendix C-4-C. Example 1 Joshua and Tammy visit the DHS office to complete an interview for child care subsidy benefits for their 1 year old son Seth. Both are employed as bank tellers. Joshua works morning […]

Blended Unit Type

What is the Blended Unit Type? The blended unit type is used for school-aged children when care is needed part-time on school days and full-time on school holidays. There are two blended unit types traditional and extended. Blended Traditional Blended traditional is approved when the child attends a school with a traditional nine-month school calendar. […]

Unit Types

Information regarding Unit Types for Child Care