TANF: TANF Background Check

  1. What is a TANF background check?
    • DHS can run a background check through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) for certain TANF participants. DHS cannot obtain Federal background checks.
    • OSBI background checks can be done for all offenses including Sex Offender and/or Violent Offender.
    • OSBI background checks are completed and paid for by TANF state office.
    • OSBI background checks can only be completed once in a 12 month period.
    • OSBI background checks are only authorized for participants with open cases or who are in the process of curing a 52A sanction.
  2. When to run a background check on a TANF participant:
    • TANF participants entering certain career fields prior to employment such as the child care or medical field.
    • Participants entering child care and/or medical types of training programs.
  3. When to request an OSBI background check:
    • When a vocational training site has requested the background check prior to training and for employment purposes in particular career fields.
    • For public or private sector work experience (WEP), or a Community Partnership (CP) when required by the site for particular training fields.
  4. How do I request a TANF background check?
    • Enter case notes prior to requesting the OSBI background check documenting the reason for the request:
    • Case notes must include
      • The request for the OSBI background check
      • Vocational training, WEP or CP site that is requesting the background check for the TANF Participant.
      • Field of study or experience expected to gain from WEP or CP.
    • Complete the OSBI background request form in full. Submit.
    • This request goes to AFS TANF staff that will process the request and respond to the requesting worker as soon as possible.
    • The documents will be imaged, saved and labeled ‘OSBI Confidential’ by AFS staff in the participant’s case file.
    • The requesting partner can then be given a copy of the OSBI background check.
    • The OSBI background check cannot be given to the client.
  5. Access the OSBI Background Check Form (08AD061W) request?

NOTE: The path to the form on the InfoNet is as follows:

  • DHS InfoNet Main page
  • Job Functions
  • Adult and Family Services
  • TANF
  • OSBI request

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