LIHEAP / ECAP: Tribal LIHEAP Inquiries


The following are instructions on how to check if a client received LIHEAP benefits from DHS:

In IMS, enter BNX (space) case number.

IMS Window after a case number has been entered.

The LIHEAP category codes are:

Winter Heating Payment
ECAP Payment
Summer Cooling Payment

If there is a “U” in the CDE field, the payment has been returned to DHS. An “I” in the CDE field indicates the payment has been issued and has not been returned.

The Tribes are usually seeking information regarding any payments for the fiscal year October 1 – September 30.

Referring to the IMS screen in this example, we would let the Tribe know the client received:

12/12/19 Winter Heating (NH) $265.00

06/26/20 Summer Cooling (NC) $315.00

To view the completed authorizations use the 105 screens in IMS.

  • Winter Heating – 105HQ (space) Case Number
  • ECAP – 105EQ (space) Case Number
  • Summer Cooling – 105CQ (space) Case Number

If the authorization has been paid it will show a status of closed with an action of 1 and a reason 05.

IMS Window on a 105 screen with the status highlighted.

Some clients receive direct payment of LIHEAP benefits from DHS. To check if a client has received direct payment LIHEAP benefits from DHS:

In IMS enter BN (space) Case Number.

LIHEAP Category Codes:

  • ENH – Winter Heating Payment
  • ENE – ECAP Payment
  • ENC – Summer Cooling Payment

IMS Payment screen. Category highlighted reads, "ENE".

In this example the client received a direct payment for ECAP (ENE) of $165.00 on 08/04/2018.

To check to see if the client has a current LIHEAP application pending, access OnBase. LIHEAP applications show as 830 AFS Application/Renewal.


You will need to view the document to ensure the client is applying for energy assistance and the box is marked YES.

Energy assistance application view. A single table row with two cells. The first cell text reads, "Applying for Energy Assistance?". The second cell reads, "Yes".

If the client has a LIHEAP application that has not yet been processed, you will need to inform the Tribe that DHS will deny the application so they can serve the household. In this situation, you need to send an email to so appropriate action can be taken.

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