UpdatedHow to Apply for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Applications for LIHEAP through OKDHSLive!

Life-Threatening Energy Crisis

340:20-1-17(h) Energy Crisis Assistance Program (ECAP) DHS does not require an application for this program. Energy crisis assistance for households with a life-threatening (LT) medical situation energy crisis is accepted year round. Referrals for LT are submitted by accessing the life threatening referral form.  There are two medical categories, Medical Equipment or Medical Condition. Information […]

Tribal LIHEAP Inquiries

Instructions to Check for LIHEAP Benefits

Surviving Active Shooter Event

Instructions regarding Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Emergency Occupant Plan

Instructions regarding Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Bomb Threat

Instructions regarding Bomb Threats

Field Manager Process – Bomb Threat

Procedures for Bomb Threat

Field Manager Process – Client Accidents

Procedures for Client Accidents

How to Process Disaster SNAP (D-SNAP)

Learn how to approve a household for Disaster SNAP in the event of a disaster declared by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS).

How to Certify Alien Emergency Medical

The steps to take in certifying someone for emergency medical.