AFS Special Procedures: ADvantage / Personal Care Authorization Reopen

Below are the following procedures for AFS Social Service Specialist to use when

Re-opening ADvantage Waiver and/or SPPC authorization lines as the result of CMS’ Medicaid guidance:

  • Worker will navigate to the Harmony Referral Form located on the InfoNet and complete the application for Reopen of ADvantage or SPPC.
  • Once the request is completed the system will automatically add the appropriate authorization line in “A” status on the case in IMS. The worker should then update to “F” status to allow for the reopen.
    • The authorization line will not be added immediately. There may be a 1-day delay between the entry of the reopen request and when the authorization line is available to code in IMS.
  • Code the D section as M/O. The coding will be eventually changed to M/A after the reopen actions are taken in Harmony by the HCMN III.
  • Document in a case note the justification for the re-open action taken on the case with the note Pursuant to the CARES ACT, Medicaid will remain open during the public health emergency-COVID-19.

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