NewPACE Procedures – Disenrolling from PACE

Procedures related to Disenrolling from PACE

NewPACE Procedures – Certifying PACE with Vending Medical

Procedure for Certifying PACE with Vending Medical

NewPACE Procedures – New PACE Certification

Procedures regarding a NEW certification for PACE.

NewPACE Procedures – Intake

Procedures regarding Intake and the PACE program.

NewHow to Access Harmony from the InfoNet

Directions for Accessing Harmony from the InfoNet

NewHarmony Procedures – Case Number Changes for ADvantage or SPPC Cases

Procedures for Case Number Changes

NewHarmony Procedures – Financial Eligibility

ELDERS Procedures regarding Financial Eligibility

NewHarmony Procedures – Closures/Denials

ELDERS Procedures concerning Closures and Denials

NewHarmony Procedures – Transitions

Procedures for ELDERS during case transitions

NewHarmony Procedures – Annual Reviews

ELDERS Procedures for Reviews