IMS: How to Clear TPL Edits

Sometimes, a policy is accidentally updated for a client or the TPL may not even really need to be on the case. Resetting the TPL entries can help resolve these edits sometimes.

G3 edit below shows that the TPL edits on this case are for Policy “A”.

Screenshot of the DSD Mainframe Oklahoma DHS Case with error screen. Errors PSEH19B and PSEH21C are on screen.

To view Policy “A” in IMS, type EHL. The screen below should come up. There is a lot of missing information listed below.

Screenshot of the DSD Mainframe Oklahoma DHS Case with error screen. Body content is empty.

If there is incomplete information or if you just want to take the TPL back to before it had edits, you can type the following code to ‘reset’ the TPL:

Screenshot of the DSD Mainframe. Body content show the code: H.1=A,999=@;
“A” in the code above denotes the TPL code for Policy “A”. Using this code will delete a TPL entry if there isn’t an established history on EHL yet. If free-forming in IMS, the semi-colon is required. If updating the free-form update box in FACS, the semi-colon at the end is not necessary.

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