OKDHS Live!: Fast Pass Instructions

The FastPass feature of OKDHS Live! allows customers to upload documents to their cases in OKDHS Live!.  In order to use this tool you can begin by accessing the website at www.okdhslive.org and creating a User ID, if you don’t already have one.

Selecting Create User ID will prompt the Applicant Registration page as seen below.

Once all fields are entered, select “submit” and the My OKDHS Live! home page will open.

Under “What would you like to do?”, select “upload document”.

Once selected, the “Client Identification” page will appear.

Enter the birthdate and social security of the payee or spouse on the case and select “submit”. The Case Selection screen will display all cases where the birthdate and social security number or OKDHS Client ID Number match for that payee or spouse.

Choose “attach” next to the case for which you would like to upload a document.  Next the “Attach Documents” page will display.

You can choose to scan a document using a scanner attached to your computer or you can choose to browse for a document stored in your computer under the “Upload a Saved Document” option.  At this time OKDHS Live! can accept PDF, TIF, JPG or PNG document types so any documents to be uploaded must be in one of these formats.  If your document is password protected you will need to remove the password before uploading.

Select “upload” and you will see that your document has been uploaded.

There is a small window where a document uploaded in error can be removed, but once you’ve selected “next”, the document is stored and cannot be removed.  If you use the upload documents feature again, you will see any documents you have uploaded within the last 60 days.

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