How to Clear TPL Edits

Instructions for clearing Third Party Liability Edits

Agency View – Check for Errors

Instructions for the Error section in Agency View.

How to Respond to Remedy Tickets

When more information is requested by the Help Desk staff member, an email is generated to the worker who created the ticket explaining what is needed. In that email there is a hyperlink to the actual ticket. When you are ready to enter the needed information, click the link to open the ticket. ** It […]

How to Create a Remedy Ticket

The following are instructions for creating a Remedy Ticket. Log onto Remedy Refer to “How to Log onto Remedy” for additional instructions. Select “FSSD HelpDesk” from the menu list. Click “Create Ticket” User ID+ automatically populates Select Problem Area from the Drop Box Click Problem Tab to Return to Original Screen Select Problem from the […]

How to Log onto Remedy

Use the following instructions to Log onto Remedy. From the “Our InfoNet Home” page; hover the cursor over the Service Divisions dropdown menu. Click on the Adult and Family Services option from the drop down menu. Scroll down to the Eligibility Determination / Determination and click on the Remedy/AFS Help Desk option. Select “ENTERPRISE HELPDESK […]

Oops! I Made a Mistake

Systems and the SNAP unit have developed a procedure for correcting the benefit issuance amount and benefit reporting status of cases when an error is made at certification or renewal. If the SNAP benefits of a case have been certified as a benefit reporter but should not be a benefit reporter. Example: if the ABAWD […]

UpdatedHow to Clear G1DX Edits

To remove a G1DX edit use the following steps. In IMS, type “DXD<sp>[case#]” to access the DXD screen. OPERATOR NUMBER field: Enter user ID CASE NO field: Enter the case number DATA TYPE field: Enter the error type SNH (NHL) NNH (NNH) BEN (BEN errors) SDX (SDX errors) UIB (UIB errors) PRS (PRS errors) DOD […]