Child Care Subsidy: Specialized Child Care Worker – What they do and how it affects you!


  • Post-Adoption Child Care Applications
  • Process all Post-Adoption Child Care renewals
  • Maintains caseload with Post-Adoption Child Care renewals

 Post Adoptive Applications

  1. Adoption worker notifies SCC worker of upcoming adoption or informs client on how to apply for child care and provides client with email address.
  2. Client should notify SCC worker once they have applied.
  3. SCC worker marks case “already worked” in Current and pulls to worker 55G 06-07.
  4. SCC worker completes applications/interviews/renewals and maintains cases/companion cases.

As with any process, there is a possibility a post-adoptive application could slip through and end up with the field worker. If you receive a Post-Adoption case, email to notify.

As always, we want to provide the best customer service as possible and follow best practices when you receive one of these applications. If client is already on the phone, then complete the interview; obtain and upload any verification; and send ADM-92 request if needed. Refer to article Child Care Subsidy: Post-Adoption Scenarios to determine what must be provided.

Send any case where the post-adoption child care is for a child under age 6 to

Be mindful of cases where an applicant has a child in foster care. There may be times in which the client is actually adopting, and therefore should be considered as a Post-Adoption case. Refer to article Child Care Subsidy: Post Adoption Top Issues.

As always, after staffing any questions with your supervisor, if further clarification is needed, your supervisor may contact The email address can also be used for clients/applicants to use.

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