Confidentiality: Accidently Printed Federal Tax Information

Per the IRS Publication 1075, AFS must have a tracking system in place to identify and track the location of printed FTI from the time that it is printed until is destroyed.

It is AFS policy to not print any documents containing FTI. However, accidents do happen. If a document is accidently printed, follow the instructions below.

Steps to destroy accidently printed documents containing FTI.

The individual that accidently printed the document:

  1. Access the Disposal of Accidental Printed Documents that contain FTI log on the Safeguarding Federal Tax Information (FTI) TEAMS channel.
  2. Update the log with the information for the document(s) printed
    Disposal of Accidental Printed Documents that Contain Federal Tax Information (FTI) Log.
    Date of Print
    The date that the document was actually printed
    Taxpayer Identifier
    Information that can be used to identify the taxpayer of the document(s) that were accidentally printed (recommended information would be DHS case number and name).
    Tax Year(s)
    What year(s) of FTI does the document include
    Type of Information
    What was printed
    Office Where Document Printed
    Where was the document printed (be specific if it was printed at a hub and not the individual assigned office put the hub name)
    Who has Access to the document(s)?
    List everyone that had access to the document
    Date Sent to CSS STO for Destruction
    The actual date that the document(s) were sent (may be different than the printed date)
  3. Place the documents into double envelopes
    • On the inside envelope write DO NOT OPEN – send to Jamie Frank on 4th floor south
    • On the outside envelope address it to: Center for Finance and Budget
    • Send it to CSS STO via interoffice mail

CSS STO will them complete the remainder of the log and destroy the document(s).

This is a statewide log. Do not delete or change any information from the log.

If you have any questions, about how and when to use the log, please post your questions in the TEAMS channel.

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