First Contact Resolution: UpdatedThird Party Employment Verifiers

Many employers contract with private companies to administer the Human Resource needs of their company. When performing employment verification tasks, the DHS worker will often find themselves referred to one of these “third party companies” to provide employment verification for an employee of a company that uses these services. It is important to note that each of these third party verifiers only have access to the records of the employees of the companies for which they contract to provide Human Resource services. This is the same way that the service that we used to have from the Worknumber functioned, no verifier can provide the information from companies that they do not service.

In the past, instruction was given not to use any third party verifier, however, the position of leadership on this issue has relaxed. It is current AFS practice not to pay for this employment information, which precludes the use of verifiers of this nature that charge a fee for human services  The following verifiers have been reviewed and do not charge OKDHS for employment verification for the determination of eligibility for benefits. If others are discovered, please submit them to for vetting, before using their services.

Third Party Verifier List


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