LIHEAP / ECAP: LIHEAP Pre-Authorization Correction

A household is sent a preauthorization notice to notify then where their LIHEAP benefits will be issued. The notice lists the name of the utility vendor, and the account number. If this information is correct the household does not need to do anything.

When OKDHS has preauthorized the wrong account, the household must provide the correct account information within 10 days of the preauthorization notice. 340:20-1-14(1)(B)(ii)

Prior to submitting a correction ensure the household received a pre-authorization by reviewing the notice. For more information on how to review a notice refer to article LIHEAP/ECAP: LIHEAP Pre-Authorizations

To correct the error, access the link for the pre-authorization correction form and complete the information.

Note: If the preauthorization correction deadline has passed the correction form link will NOT work. If the link does not work assist the client with an online proxy during open enrollment at OKDHSLive and enter the correct account information on the application.

If the household waits until after the 10 days from the preauthorization notice, it is too late to correct the error. The household will need to apply during open enrollment. Pre-authorizations cannot be corrected once open enrollment begins.

There are certain circumstances that correction cannot be made to a preauthorization and the household will have to apply during open enrollment. Two examples include:

  • When the fuel source is one that is direct payment such as firewood
  • When the household composition has changed

We would request a refund if needed and the household will have to apply during open enrollment so their eligibility can be determined.

If the household waits until the program has closed to report an error in a preauthorization, we will request a refund and the benefit will not be reissued.

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