LIHEAP / ECAP: UpdatedLIHEAP Pre-Authorizations

The LIHEAP section preauthorizes households who meet certain criteria. These beneficiaries receive a LIHEAP payment without needing to apply.

The system preauthorizes household who:

  • received a State Supplemental Payment (SSP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payment consecutively 12 months without any break in benefit;
  • received pre-authorization on the same LIHEAP component last year;
  • have the same mailing and servicing address as last year;
  • have the same utility account and supplier as last year;
  • have the same household members as last year;
  • do not have income and resource greater than the eligibility guidelines this year.

Households must meet ALL the system criteria listed to be preauthorized. Households cannot be preauthorized for summer cooling and winter heating in the same federal fiscal year; October through September. Households needs to apply if they did not meet all the pre-authorization criteria.

The household may only be preauthorized for one LIHEAP component each federal fiscal year. For example, if the household is preauthorized for summer cooling, the household is not eligible for a winter heating pre-authorization and vice versa.

You must check the 105cq (cooling) or 105q (heating) screen, the NL screen, or the NI screen in IMS when the household

  • is uncertain whether DHS preauthorized them or
  • needs you to determine whether DHS preauthorized the correct utility provider and account.

Refer to article LIHEAP/ECAP: How to Read 105 Screens

  • when the 105cq screen has a 1 in the action field, look at the account number and supplier information, and determine if we are paying the correct account,
  • when the action 6 and reason 10 appear, the supplier could not identify which account to pay, so the supplier closed the authorization. The account information is likely incorrect. Households will have to submit an application during open enrollment if the pre-auth correction has been finalized.

How to make corrections?

When DHS has preauthorized the wrong account, the household must provide the correct account information within 10 days of the preauthorization notice.

To correct the error, you may either

  1. email the correct provider name and account number to the LIHEAP unit or
  2. image the utility bill to the 90L OnBase.

NOTE: Do not do both of the options. If you choose the email option; please be sure to cc your supervisor on the email.

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