Case Notes: How To Print a Case Note

The Print function allows you to print case notes using a date range.

  1. In the Case Notes window, select the category of the Note Type you wish to print.
  2. Select how you want to sort the notes you wish to print. (Ascending or descending).
  3. Select the Start Date of the first note you want to print.
  4. Select the End Date of the last note you want to print.
  5. Click Print.

The Case Notes window in FACS.

FACS will generate a Word document with your Case Number, Case Name, and the case notes you selected in the sort order you chose.

You must have the case open in FACS in order for the Word document to include the Case Name.

  1. Once the Word document is generated with your case notes, you may print it by clicking the printer icon or selecting the print option from the File menu.You may have to click a second time as the first click on the screen only selects the Word window.

A Microsoft Word document showing case notes that have been exported from FACS into Word to be printed.

Please Note: One of the purposes of including case notes in FACS is to reduce paper volume in the case record. Don’t print the case notes unless they are needed for a hearing or some other type of administrative action.

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