LIHEAP Hearing Request

Instructions regarding LIHEAP/ECAP

ADvantage Waiver Appeal Procedures

OHCA Appeals Unit handles the appeals for ADvantage (not DHS Appeals Unit)

Administrative Hearing Request Form

Link to the Fair Hearing Form

UpdatedHarmony Procedures – Closures/Denials

ELDERS Procedures concerning Closures and Denials

Medicaid Income Pension Trust (MIPT) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Medicaid Income Pension Trusts

Writing a Hearing Summary (H-1-A)

Instructions on Writing a Hearing Summary

UpdatedHearing Responsibilities and Procedures

Fair Hearing responsibilities and procedures.

Top Ten Tips for Hearings

Tips for Conducting Hearings

Fair Hearings and Overpayment Claims

Fair Hearing requests will often be sent to the county office of record for a case. If the overpayment being appealed was submitted / written by an employee at the county office, it is the responsibility of that employee (or another designated county office employee) to complete the hearing summary (Form 13MP002E, H-1-A) and represent […]

Fair Hearing

Fair hearing –The purpose of the fair hearing is to allow a client to protest a negative action taken by a worker or a failure to act in relation to benefits administered by AFS.