Case Notes: The Oops Process

Woman holding hand to head, having made a mistakeDespite our best efforts we all occasionally make mistakes. If you realize you certified a SNAP case incorrectly, you will need to submit a Remedy ticket to correct the problem. However, before Remedy can correct the error, you must update the FACS case note record. This process of updating case notes and submitting a Remedy ticket is referred to as the “Oops! I made a mistake” process.

When completing the “Oops” process, the following FACS case note updates are entered in the Eligibility Notebook in the SNAP tab:

  • A brief explanation of the error that occurred at cert/renewal
  • A description of the correct income / expenses and household size that should have been on the case at the time of cert / renewal.
  • Documentation that the client was contacted and notified that their case will no longer be a benefit reporter. If the client’s certification period will be reduced, they should also be notified of that. The case note documentation must include the date the client was contacted, and how they were contacted (phone call, in office, home visit, letter, etc.)

There are a variety of reasons you might need to complete the “Oops” process. However the two most common reasons are:

  • The case was certified/renewed using incorrect income
  • The case was certified using the wrong certification period

For additional information, refer to article SNAP: Oops! I Made a Mistake.

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