Case Notes: TANF

Complete and accurate case notes are important whenever you take action on a case or speak with a client.

The information below provides important items to document in case notes that are specific to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

New Application/Review

  • Document the application date
  • Record the face to face interview date

Substance Abuse Screening

  • Document the date taken and results of the SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory)
  • Document the date taken and results of the ASI (Addiction Severity Index), and UA (Urinalysis)
  • If the UA is positive, record the Child Welfare Referral number and Period of Disqualification

Out of State TANF months

  • Document any TANF months outside Oklahoma.
  • List state and number of months received. If available list exact months and name and phone number of person providing the information.
  • List if there were any convictions of Fraud in the other state for receiving TANF in more than one state at the same time.

Action Taken

Always document the effective date of action for TANF, SNAP, Child Care, and Medical benefits.

Household Members

  • Record that the payee’s identity was verified
  • List each household member with relationship to payee
  • Document Citizenship Status
  • Record Age and School attendance for all children
  • Document the immunization record verified for each child or Good Cause form in case file
  • Record if any household members are disqualified due to Fraud, Ineligible Alien Status, or Positive (UA)
  • List any other household members (Stepparent, ANROSI, other relatives, individuals with ABD case, etc.)

Earned Income

  • Document if anyone in the household is employed.
  • Record the Name of Employer
  • Record the start date and when the first check is received for new employment
  • Document the end date and when final pay was received for terminated employment
  • State whether Actual or Anticipated income is being used
  • Include Monthly Amount from MICAL
  • Document how income was verified and calculated including
    • Pay Rate
    • How often paid
    • Hours per pay period
    • Is all pay representative?
    • Work related deduction used?
    • Need Standard used for Stepparent, alien parent, or ANROSI income

Unearned Income

  • Document if there are any other sources of income, who receives the income, and the amount
  • Record how the source of income was verified and calculated
  • Note if any child support is coming into the home, and which household member(s) receive it
  • Provide explanations for any lump sum income and document any use of the Lump Sum form


Record if any child support is going out of the home, which household member is paying it, and where and To Whom it is being sent

Child Care

  • Document the Need Factor – TANF Work activity
  • Record the name of the child care facility
  • Note the start date, when the child care begins
  • Explain what days and times the child care is needed and record what unit type is authorized


  • List the noncustodial parent(s) for each child including:  Document Good Cause request for non-cooperation if appropriate.
  • Type(s) of Deprivation and how it was verified.
    • Absence – Direct Contact of AP (Address or Phone number) Third party statement if unable to locate AP). Documenting the following:
      1. Frequency of contact on Non-custodial parent with child, and
      2. Non-custodial parents participation in parental decisions
    • Death – Types of verification (Death certificate, funeral notice, or obituary)
    • Incapacity – SSI recipient or Complete & Submit Medical Social Summary Report and MDL/MDI results
    • Unemployed Parent – list how each parent’s work history was verified and who was determined to be the Primary Wage Earner (PWE)


Document if any household member possesses resources, the type of resource and amount


  • Record if anyone is exempt from TANF Work and the reason why
  • Document Carl Albert Assessment Date and Staffing Date
  • TANF Work Assignments
    • Specify Specific Class or Activity
    • Record the location of the work activity
    • Document the number of hours per week
    • Record the Start Date
    • Include the date the TW2 was completed and signed
    • Repeat for all other TANF Work Assignments
  • Participation Hours
    • Record how many hours are coded
    • Document any absences
    • Explain how Good Cause was determined for any absences
  • Work Activity Payment Issued
    • Note the purpose, payment amount, and Date issued
  • Flex Funds Issued
    • Document the purpose, voucher amount, vendor paid, and Date issued
  • Support Services Funds Issued
    • Record the purpose, voucher amount, vendor paid, and Date issued


  • List the attempts made to establish good cause with results of determination
  • List the requirements to cure the Sanction
  • If client agrees to cure sanction
  • Record the Date of when the TW2 Section 8 was completed and signed
  • Document the Start Date of Activity
  • Note the Compliance time required to reopen case 

Social Services

Record that the Social Services tab was reviewed at the Interview and document any referrals made


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