Case Notes: UpdatedWhy Case Notes are Important

woman at computer entering case notesCase notes should be entered to record and document client contacts, case changes, data exchange exception clearances, interviews/initial eligibility determinations and case reviews/re-determinations of eligibility. Be sure to use the Case Note Generator for program applications or reviews that require an interview. Good case notes are their own reward in the benefits they provide but there are many other reasons why case notes are important.  Below is a list of some of those reasons.

Good Case Notes:

  • Avoid errors as state and federal auditors know why you did what you did.  Information that is not documented in case notes can’t be considered in an audit.
  • Explain the history of the case as the notes record what the situation was at a specific time a case action was taken.
  • Provide a necessary record of information used for eligibility determination and case management.
  • Explain the eligibility determination decisions made for each program.
  • Explain changes to help you remember what action you took and why.
  • Help others reviewing your case to know what has happened and why and provide a quick and informed response to inquiries or complaints.
  • Function as the primary source for previous information as computer screens are sometimes hard to follow.
  • Help support and call center staff efficiently assist the client as quickly as possible.
  • Increase accuracy by review of previous information.
  • Enable recognition of inconsistent information trends concerning eligibility criteria such as income, shelter, etc.
  • Save time. Information can found in the same location in each case.
  • Allows others to take action on your case if you are gone.
  • Help the agency speak with one voice consistently.
  • Store information permanently in case notes

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