AFS Policy: Insurance

Insurance – examples of insurance include life, health, dental, vision, accidental death and dismemberment, and insurance for dependents.  Life insurance policies with a cash value are considered as resources for SoonerCare (Medicaid) and TANF.  When a person receives SoonerCare (Medicaid) and has medical insurance, the insurance is the first payer of medical claims.  When an employer gives the employee a benefit allowance to purchase insurance, money left over after purchasing insurance may be countable income.  The cost of insurance may be deducted from gross income for SNAP for certain individuals.

  • Child Care Subsidy:
  • Public Assistance Procedures (all programs):
  • SNAP:
  • SoonerCare (Medicaid)[ABD]:
    • 317:35-1-2. Definitions;
    • 317:35-5-41.1. Home/real property;
    • 317:35-5-41.2. Miscellaneous Personal property;
    • 317:35-5-41.8. Eligibility regarding long-term care services;
    • 317:35-5-41.9. Resource disregards;
    • 317:35-5-42. Determination of countable income for individuals categorically related to aged, blind and disabled;
    • 317:35-5-43. Third party resources; insurance, workers’ compensation and Medicare;
    • 317:35-9-68. Determining financial eligibility for care in an ICF/MR (public and private), for HCBW/MR services, and for persons age 65 or older in mental health hospitals; and
    • 317:35-19-21. Determining financial eligibility for care in NF.
  • SoonerCare (Medicaid)[OE]:
    • 317:35-5-7. Determining categorical relationship to the children and parent and caretaker relative groups;
    • 317:35-5-43. Third party resources; insurance, workers’ compensation and Medicare;
    • 317:35-6-64.1. Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA);
    • 317:35-7-48. Eligibility for the SoonerPlan Family Planning Program;
    • 317:35-22-1. Pregnancy related benefits covered under Title XXI
  • TANF:
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