Resource – Vehicles

Policy and examples regarding vehicles as a resource.

Promissory Note Example

Promissory Note Document used as an example

Initiate a Case Review

Instructions regarding initiating a case review.

Submit a Verification Request

Instructions regarding submitting a verification request.

Eligibility – Income & Resources

AFS Handbook information – Eligibility – Income & Resources

UpdatedHome Property FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Home Property

Initial Denial with 2nd Month Certification

Instructions regarding cases that have a denial in the month of application, but can be certified the month after.


Explanation of Updated Policy on SNAP Resources regarding Substantial Lottery Winnings & Sponsored Aliens.

Tuberculosis (TB) Cases

317:35-5-4.(4) 317:35-5-47 317:35-7-60(a)(5) 317:35-7-44   The TB program is intended to cover treatment for the condition. It does not provide full SoonerCare coverage. If applicant wants full SoonerCare but is not age 65 or older, s/he will need to apply with Social Security to get a disability decision. What is needed to determine eligibility Verification […]

TANF Eligibility Verification Guide

Eligibility Factors and Acceptable Verification