AFS Policy: Transfer of Resources

Transfer of Resources or Assets – individuals who apply for or receive long term care services and transfer or give away resources are subject to a transfer penalty if the individual, the individual’s spouse, the guardian, or legal representative of the individual or individual’s spouse, disposes of resources for less than fair market value during the 60 months immediately prior to eligibility for SoonerCare (Medicaid). Policy regarding this term is located at:

SoonerCare (Medicaid)[ABD]:

  • 317:35-5-41.6. Trust accounts;
  • 317:35-5-41.7. Retirement funds;
  • 317:35-5-41.8. Eligibility regarding long-term care services;
  • 317:35-5-41.10. Changes in capital resources;
  • 317:35-9-67. Determining financial eligibility of categorically needy individuals;
  • 317:35-17-10. Determining financial eligibility/categorical relationship for the ADvantage program;
  • 317:35-19-19. General financial eligibility requirements for NF and skilled nursing care; and
  • 317:35-19-20. Determining financial eligibility of categorically needy individuals.

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