Employee Safety: Safety – Drug-Free Workplace

We are committed to making DHS a safe and productive environment in which to work and help our clients. Our substance abuse policy takes a firm stand against drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. To better understand the new policy and procedures, a new online training is available to all employees, accessible through our InfoNet. When untreated addictions begin to affect our work, it is our responsibility to act to ensure the safety of the children, families, and the clients we serve. It is also our shared duty to keep our workplace safe and drug free.

The mandatory annual Substance Abuse Policy training course can be found online through the Learning Management System. On the DHS InfoNet home page, click on the icon labeled “Training” and on the Training page, click on the link to the OKDHS Learning Management System.

Should you struggle with substance abuse or other addictions, you can seek help through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Contacting EAP is a confidential way to get help if you need it and you can learn more about our EAP on the DHS InfoNet.

For additional information, please refer to 340:2-1-42, 43, and 44

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