Child Care Subsidy: Work Schedule Tip

Verification of Work Schedule


Workers must gather information and document in FACS case notes about the days and hours the parent or caretaker meets a need factor for child care (plus travel time.)

Parents and Caretakers who ARE legally and financially responsible:

An employed parent may declare their work schedule as long as it is not questionable.

Working parents must still provide the most recent 30 days of pay information to determine eligibility.  The worker must compare the parent’s declared work schedule with the hours listed on the pay information to determine if the declared schedule is supported.

**The worker must document the work schedule and how it was verified in FACS case notes. BOTH the days and hours the client is scheduled to work must be DETAILED in the notes. It is NOT sufficient to say client is employed “full-time” or “client works 30 hours /week” **

Caretakers who are NOT legally and financially responsible & Adoptive Parents who meet criteria:


Caretakers who are not legally and financially responsible for a child and post-adoptive parents who meet criteria are not required to provide pay information at initial application or renewal because their income is not considered in determining eligibility for the child care household.  These individuals may: 1) supply a work schedule as proof of employment, or 2) provide pay information and declare work hours.  The declared work schedule is accepted as long as the pay information does not conflict with the declared schedule. (Self-employed caretakers or adoptive parents must provide some proof that they are earning wages from their self-employment and declare their work schedule. Self-employed caretakers and adoptive parents do not have to meet the minimum wage rule.)

**The worker must document the work schedule and how it was verified in FACS case notes.**

Self-Employed Individuals:

No changes have been made for self-employed individuals.  Self-employed individuals must declare their work schedules and meet the minimum wage requirement.


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