UpdatedABAWD Exemptions

Younger than 18 or 53 years of age or older Client’s statement of birthdate is sufficient. The IMS system will check the date with Social Security Administration (SSA). A data exchange error will occur if SSA has a different birthdate. See Frequently Asked Questions ↓ Determined by the agency to be medically certified as physically […]

Work Schedule Scenarios

Scenario #1 Julie is in the county office to apply for child care for her 3 year old child. Julie has an ongoing job and states she works 30 hours a week, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 2:00pm. Julie provides two bi-weekly pay stubs. Check #160 hours; gross amount $480.00 Check #260 hours; gross amount […]

Work Schedule Tip

Verification of Work Schedule 340:40-5-1 Workers must gather information and document in FACS case notes about the days and hours the parent or caretaker meets a need factor for child care (plus travel time.) Parents and Caretakers who ARE legally and financially responsible: An employed parent may declare their work schedule as long as it […]

Student Policy

Overview of Student Policy for SNAP program.

ABAWD: History

In 1996 welfare reform, changes designed to reduce federal welfare spending, created the TANF program to replace AFDC, and also restricted SNAP benefits for ABAWDs (Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents). Application of ABAWD policy in Oklahoma began December 1, 1996. It provides that no ABAWD individual shall be eligible to participate in the SNAP Program […]

UpdatedABAWD: Coding

Explanation of ABAWD Codes.

UpdatedABAWD: Best Practices

ABAWD status should be checked at every certification and renewal for every member of the household.

ABAWD: Overview

ABAWD stands for Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents.