SNAP: Mid Cert Renewal: Verified Upon Receipt

What Does “Verified Upon Receipt” Mean?

Policy: 340:50-9-5 (ITS 13)

“Verified Upon Receipt” is information that is not questionable, and the provider is the primary source of the information.

Example of verified upon receipt are:

  • Data exchange messages regarding SSA or SSI income
  • Information obtained from SAVE
  • UIB information from OESC
  • Worker’s compensation documents from Workers’ Compensation Court
  • Changes in household composition reported by the household
  • Actions for other OKDHS program benefits that affect the SNAP benefits, such as:
    1. Child care co-payments
    2. An individual determined to have committed an intentional program violation (fraud)
    3. Request from another state to close SNAP or other program benefits because a client is now living in that state and has applied for assistance there


While the SNAP household is not required to report any changes other than when the total household income exceeds the income limit for the household size during a non-report month, this does not mean no action should be taken on the case. We are required to act upon any reported change from a household. The system helps determine if the change will impact and decrease food benefits in a non-report month.

Upon receipt of any of the above “verified upon receipt” information, action must be taken by the next effective date to make changes to the food benefit section. Changes resulting from information considered “verified upon receipt” may correctly reduce benefits in a non-report month.

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