NewIncome – Garnishment, Overpayment, or Deferments

For ABD benefits, always count the gross.

SNAP SSA Joint Processing

SSA OHS Agreement

IMS Screens & Transactions Index

Alphabetized list of IMS Screens & Transactions

Identifying and Coding SSI Overpayments

SDX Data Exchange Screen and Overpayment information

Social Security Early Retirement and Categorical Relationship

Impact of Early Retirement on Eligibility

Applications – ABD Related & SSA Appeal

Information regarding previously denied applications and when they can be used again to certify a medical benefit.

Income – Social Security COLA and Continued Eligibility

When the annual COLA makes a client over income, the benefit can stay open till the new standards come out.

Income – SSI/SSA Unearned Income

Trend Trigger New Interpretations for Unearned Income

Citizenship and Identity Verification

What is acceptable verification of identity and citizenship?

G1DX Report

The G1DX Report is used to check for discrepancies between information coded on a case and what is available through data exchanges with other entities such as SSA regarding income and other eligibility factors. The information should be investigated and the cases updated, if necessary, to prevent overpayments or underpayments from occurring. As you resolve […]