IMS: OWL Transaction – Intrastate Link to OESC

Use the OWL Transaction to use the online computer link to the Oklahoma Employment and Security Commission (OESC). Information shown is up-to-date quarterly earned income and up to 18 weeks of unemployment compensation payments.

To view this screen:

  1. Login to IMS
  2. Clear the Screen
  3. Type OWL (space) and the Social Security Number of the individual

OWG Screen

AMOUNT: Total wages for Quarter

QTR: Quarter

FEIN: Federal Employer Identification Number

SEIN: State Employer Identification Number

EMPLOYER: Name of Employer

ADDRESS 1: Address of Employer

ADDRESS 2: Additional Information on Address of Employer

CITY-STATE: Location of Employment (May be address of Corporate Office and not the address of where the individual reports to work).

ZIP – PHONE: Zip Code and Phone Number of Employer

If the individual is receiving Unemployment Benefits, these will also display on the OWL screen.

UIB Screen

CLAIM STATUS: Status of Unemployment Benefits Claim


MAX AMT: Maximum Amount

OVERPAY AMT: Overpayment Amount

APPLICATION DATE: Date applied for Unemployment Benefits

FIRST PAYMENT: Date of First Unemployment Benefit

CHSUP AP: Child Support Absent Parent

ISSUED ON: Date payment was issued

WEEK ENDING: The last day of the week in which the Unemployment Benefit Payment corresponds to.

GROSS AMT: Gross Amount of Unemployment Benefit Payment

CS DED: Child Support Deduction

OTHER DED: Other Deductions

PAID AMT: Net Amount Received

If a message is returned that the link to OESC is unavailable, run the OWC or OWG transaction for earned income history.

**Note: OWC and OWG tend to be behind the OWL transaction by up to one quarter. Also, only persons known to the agency will have OWC and OWG information. It is best to use OWL if it is available**

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