How to Generate the Interview Notice through FACS

Generating Interview Notice Through FACS

Sending the Interview Notice

To understand the process used in scheduling appointments for interviews

Eligibility Determination: Required Forms

There are three forms required for all paper applications: 08MP001E PS-1   Request for Benefits This is the application that the client completes and signs to request benefits. 08MP003E FSS-1-B  Responsibilities and Signature for Benefits This form advises clients of their rights and responsibilities for all programs, and it requires a client signature. O8MP002E FSS-1  Eligibility […]

FDENY Process

How and when to use the FDENY process The FDENY screen has two main functions: FDENY 59 is used to send a notice of missed interview to the client and to automatically deny the application on the 30th day if the interview is not completed. FDENY 45 automatically denies an application when all requested verification […]