OK Benefits: Gatekeeping Process for SNAP Applications Submitted through OK Benefits

For the first phase of OK Benefits SNAP applications submitted through OK Benefits will:

  • NOT be placed into application status automatically
  • Be routed as a PDF document to workflow using the current county process for new applications defined in Enterprise Worker Association (EWA)
  • Be screened by county staff to determine if there is an existing SNAP case to use
  • Be assigned a new case number using the PS1B process (if there is no existing case to use.

Who can submit an application through OK Benefits?

For Phase I of OK Benefits, we have designed it to only accept applications for people who report they have no Social Security Number. However, there are still limits of which persons without SSN’s should use OK Benefits. Please refer to the scenarios below that detail the two types of clients who may apply without SSN’s.

  • I have no Social Security Number and have never had benefits with DHS
    • Will be allowed to submit an application through OK Benefits
  • I have no Social Security Number, but have had benefits previously
    • Will be allowed to submit an application through OKDHSLive using their Date of Birth and Client ID to apply

What will a PDF from OK Benefits Look Like?

The actual look of the new applications has changed, but the more important changes are the Field Values in Workflow

  • DETAILS = Will be updated with the internal tracking number from OK Benefits
  • CASE NUMBER = “P000001”

What will I do with the PDF application when I receive it?

Depending on your county processes, the recipient of the SNAP application could be a Gatekeeper or the actual worker. But, regardless of who receives it, the process remains the same. You will

  • Use the information from the application to search for an existing case in IMS
  • If you find an existing case to use you will
    • Put the existing case into application status
    • Update the case number in Workflow
  • If you do NOT find an existing case to use, you will
    • Create a new case using PS1B process

      If a Date of Birth (DOB) is not available from the application, and all attempts at obtaining the date of birth were not successful, please use 01/01/2001 as the date of birth as it is required to create the case. Change the date of birth at the interview and/or before case is processed.

    • Update the case number in Workflow
  • If additional documents are uploaded with the application they will appear in the same workflow. They will have the same internal tracking number so you will know they all belong together. You will change the case number on all the documents that belong together.

Note: Before you packetize documents together for the case, make sure to change the case number to the either the existing case number you are going to use or the case number that is created. Do not packetize documents together with the case number of P000001.

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