OK Benefits: How to Register on OK Benefits

The following article is a summary of the process by which clients will register on the OK Benefits website. These instructions can be used to assist clients in the case that they contact you for assistance.

This process is divided into the following sections

  • Homepage
  • Profile Information
  • Security Questions
  • More Information
  • Identity Questions
  • Create Account


From the Homepage, there are options to ask questions or request a service. One of the first things for clients to do is register on the OK Benefits website. As shown here, clients will click ‘Create Account’ to begin this process. If the client has already registered, they can ‘Login’ to My Services.

Profile Information

The client will be instructed to enter the following personal information when registering on OK Benefits. *Required Fields

  • Legal First Name*
  • Legal Last Name*
  • Suffix
  • Date of Birth*
  • Social Security Number* (Clients have option of selecting ‘I don’t have a social security number)
  • Gender
  • DHS Client Number, if known (DNC)
  • Email address*
  • Confirm Email*
  • Username*
  • Password*
  • Confirm Password*

After entering in all required information, click the ‘Next – Security Questions’ box.

Security Questions

The user will select 3 security questions and enter answer for each.

After completing the security questions and answers, click the ‘I’m not a robot’ box, and click ‘Create My Account’

More Information

After the account is created, the user needs to enter more information so that the account can be linked to existing case information. The user is instructed to enter as much information as possible with the following options.

  • Nickname
  • Prior Last Name
  • Case Number
  • Resource ID
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Child’s Social Security Number

After completing the fields in “More Information” click ‘Continue” button.

Identity Questions

The identity questions are a series of questions specific to the client derived from case information and data match.

After completing the Identity Questions section, click ‘Continue’ button.

Create Account

The client should receive an email with a confirmation link to verify the account to the email address used to register. If the client did not receive the email, they should click the ‘Please send again’ link.

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