Harmony FAQs

Article to house the link to the Harmony Frequently Asked Questions

How to Locate Application Document

How to Access Documents in Harmony

How to Access Harmony from the InfoNet

Directions for Accessing Harmony from the InfoNet

Harmony Procedures – New Application Nursing Facility (NF)

Explanation of Harmony Procedures for a NEW application (NF)

Harmony Overview

Client’s medical eligibility (level of care) is recommended by an OHS HCMN I/II and determination made by an OHS HCMN III. Financial and medical eligibility should be determined simultaneously. When a person applies for, or requests, Long Term Care services the online application should be completed. The applicant, representative, or anyone assisting the applicant may […]

UpdatedHow to Apply for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Applications for LIHEAP through OKDHSLive!

UpdatedOKDHSLive! Instructional Overview

Overview of Instructions of OKDHSLive!, Logging In, and Proxy Activities.

How to Determine Case Status (SNAP)

Determining Case Status using PS-2 Blocks C3 and C4

UpdatedOK Benefits Overview

Overview of OK Benefits – Links to other articles

How to Navigate through “My Services”

Display the Process by which the client log in to OK Benefits and navigate through prompts in the My Services section. (AFS)