UpdatedSSP Best Practices

Answers to some common questions about the Debit Card/Direct Deposit for cash benefits

Resource – Vehicles

Policy and examples regarding vehicles as a resource.

Federal Employee Retirement Claims

Information regarding Federal Employee Retirement Claims

Child Support: Who does it belong to?

For ABD-related benefits, child support is usually counted as income for the child for whom it is intended. Refer to article ABD: How to Code Child Support 1/3 Deduction for Child with Disability for explanation on how to count the child support when determining eligibility for a child who has a disability. If eligibility is […]

Updated$20 General Income Exclusion

327:35-5-42(d)(1)and(5)(B) The General Income Exclusion (GIE) is a $20 per month income deduction. It is mostly used to bring down countable income that is barely over the standard, so the client can be eligible for a particular benefit. For QMB, SLMB and QI-1, the GIE can be used: First on unearned income If any of […]

UpdatedAged, Blind, Disabled (ABD)

Policy Links Regarding ABD

Social Security Early Retirement and Categorical Relationship

Impact of Early Retirement on Eligibility

Applications – SSP & Medical Pending Social Security Decision

Q&A on New ABD applications with pending SSA decision.

Income – How to Code Self-Employment (Sole Proprietorship)

Self-proprietorship (one or more people own and run the business) is the most common type of self-employment.