IMS: How to Determine Case Status (SNAP)

The following is a guide in assisting you with determining the status of a case. This is helpful in giving information to the client regarding their case and possibly the next steps they may need to take to re-apply or complete a renewal.

The EC screen in IMS is used to determine the status of a SNAP case. In the example shown here; Isaac Newton has applied for SNAP effective date 03/19/20 and is waiting for a decision to be made on his case.

IMS Screen with arrows pointing at the status row and action type row.

First, look at PS-2 field C3 (Type Action Taken). This will show the last action taken on a case. The ones most commonly used are


There are also the codes: E – Obsolete, S – Expedited Services with Verification Postponed, and T – Transitional Food Benefits.

For instance if the action taken is A, the worker could be requesting information regarding a recent SNAP application. Look in imaging for any requests for verification, e.g., an ADM-92.

You may see that the action is a denial or closure. Check PS-2 field C4 (Reason) and then Refer to Appendix U to help you determine the reason.

A few of the following codes are more commonly seen as they are used to display the status of the case when a renewal or reapplication is needed.

A 36S code is used when a Mid-Cert Renewal has not been completed. The client may have failed to complete the Renewal in OKDHSLive!. For example, Isaac Newton was certified for SNAP with an effective date of 04/01/20. He was over the income guidelines in the month of application, March 2020, because he received a $2000 severance check. Several months later, he received a closure notice. He contacted the county office by telephone to inquire about his case closing.

IMS table with arrows pointing at the status row, action type row, and EFF Date row.

It was discovered that Isaac Newton failed to submit the MCR to renew his SNAP benefits.

Sometimes the reason of the closure is because the renewal was submitted; but pending verification was not submitted. Lastly, another reason may be because the worker failed to complete the MCR by the negative deadline date for that month, and a reopen action will need to take place.

The 36A code is used when the automatic expiration of certification period. This is an indicator that displays that the client needs to re-apply for SNAP. This can be completed in OKDHSLive!.

IMS Page with arrows pointing at the status row, action type row, and the EFF date.

Isaac Newton calls his case worker after receiving his notice to re-apply for SNAP, and he is assisted with submitting the application through OKDHSLive!

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