How to Determine Case Status (SNAP)

Determining Case Status using PS-2 Blocks C3 and C4

Work Registrant – Losing Work Requirement Exemptions

Process if an exemption is lost during certification period.

OKDHS Live! Auto-Renewals

OKDHS Live! – Criteria for SNAP auto update: For SNAP Mid-Certification Renewals (aka “Reviews”)     Address must be in Oklahoma No separate household No students >18 and <50 No fleeing felons No earned income No self employment income Unearned income matches Unearned income on PS2 No medical expense No child support expense No person S/O/14 […]

UpdatedOKDHS Live! FAQS

Answers to frequently asked questions

UpdatedHow to Code a SNAP Certification after S/E0.

An S/EO is issued when a household is determined eligible for expedited services with postponed verification. The following steps are instructions on coding a SNAP certification after pending verification is returned to the office. Example 1: Verification Returned Within 30 Days Reba Yearwood applies for SNAP benefits on April 1, 2023. The application for SNAP […]