Asset Verification System: Submit an AD HOC Request

To submit a case manually into the AVS Portal authorized users can select the tools icon and then select ‘Ad Hoc Request’. Below is a screenshot of the Ad Hoc Request page with common mandatory fields highlighted in red;

Ad-hoc eligibility request form.

To successfully submit an Ad Hoc Request user must complete mandatory fields before selecting ‘Run Request’. If a mandatory field is omitted the user will be blocked from submitting the request.

  • A case must contain a valid social security number, DOB and residence information to be submitted into the AVS Portal. AVS searches are based off the applicant’s name, SSN, DOB, and address.
  • Note, if the request features more than one ‘Name’, click the addition sign after the Last Name field within the Applicant Information section. This allows users to submit up to seven additional names or aliases on the request if applicable;
  • Once all mandatory fields are completed the user must select ‘Run Request’ at the bottom of the page.
  • An Ad Hoc Request is required for a spouse. Linking a spouse to a case will result in the spouse’s information being included in the AVS request.
  • Note, the AVS form does NOT replace the ADM-60 Request For Release of Information. The signature of the spouse or other responsible person is still required on the ADM-60.
  • The AVS form is for AVS permission only and should not be submitted to financial institutions.
  • To submit an Ad Hoc request combining a spouse into an existing case the household size designation on the case must be set to two (2). Users can edit a case in Case Correction to change this if necessary.
  • If a user attempts to add a spouse to an existing case with a household size of one (1), the following warning message will occur:
A spouse is being added to a case that is currently marked as a household size of 1. Select edit and update the case to a household size of 2 in order to link the spouse to the case.
  • Next, under applicant type select “Spouse”. Fill in required fields and include the case’s (applicant that was already added into the Portal) SSN in the “Applicant SSN to link” field to link the spouse to the active case;
  • Note: applicant and spouse names must be alpha numeric with the exception of hyphens (-), and cannot exceed 50 characters.
  • Select ‘Run Request’ to link the spouse to the desired case. To verify search for the specific case and view to ensure the spouse has been properly linked.

Ad-hoc eligibility request form.

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