Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Premature Infant Medical


Premature infants; those born at 37 weeks or less, whose birth weight is less than 1200 grams (approximately 2 pounds 10 ounces) will be considered disabled by SSA even if no other medical impairments exist.

When the medical case is set up, the infant should be coded as “payee with guardian”.

While an infant born below this birth weight is considered disabled under SSI disability provisions; SSI cash payments are only effective the month the parent or legal guardian files an SSI application. The infant cannot be eligible for the State Supplemental Payment while in the hospital. If the SSI effective date does not go back to the month of birth, it will not be necessary to request a decision from LOCEU at OHCA in order to consider

The parent’s income and resources are not deemed to the child until the month following the month in which the child leaves the hospital and begins living with his/her parents. For example, if the baby leaves the hospital in February, the parent’s income and resources would be considered in March.

The medical can be certified three months prior to the month of application. The parents need to get a decision from SSI before the baby leaves the hospital.

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