TANF: Substance Abuse Policy Changes


Substance Abuse Policy Changes

  • Beginning November 21,2023, we no longer require TANF applicants to complete Drug and Alcohol assessments prior to certification.​
  • You will now be able to certify TANF case without prior testing.​
  • After certification, the case will then go to the family coach who will complete TANF Work responsibility agreement (TW-2) to add SASSI assessment with Carl Albert State College.​

Mandatory Drug Screening

  • Minimum Drug screen includes Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI)​
  • Screening results of high probability, high defense, invalid or client self-declared a problem, the TANF individuals complete the chemical drug screen.​
  • Substance abuse treatment or mental health counseling is not mandatory as part of the employability plan when there is an indication of low probability or a negative chemical swab.​
  • When the chemical drug screen shows a positive result for an illegal substance, the individual must participate in substance abuse treatment or mental health counseling as part of the employability plan.​
  • ​OHS has reasonable cause to believe the adult is engaged in the illegal use of a controlled substance, that individual is required to be screened, a request is made for a chemical drug screen​
  • Observed behaviors from community partners or staff that could be indicated are but to limited to​
  • Slurred speech, unsteady gait, inability to focus, lethargy, inappropriate responses to questions or hospitality, facial tics, or muscle spasms. Government or law enforcement documents indicating the person was engaged in illegal use within the last 30 calendar days​
  • The case is closed when the adult parent or caretaker who is included in the TANF benefit fails to follow through with the screening or employability plan.​

Referral for Child Protective Services

  • The worker considers whether a referral to the Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-522-3511 is appropriate given the circumstances surrounding the positive results​ the parent or caretaker must protect any children from illegal drug use possession or sale or manufacture. A referral is only needed when there are other indicators of child abuse or neglect.  Ex child is at risk of physical, psychological, or sexual harm, ​
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