Reflection – Helpful Tips for Reflection / IMS

Summary of Helpful Hints for using Reflection & IMS

Reflection – How to Keep Cursor from Blinking

Turning off the Blinking Cursor function.

Reflection – How to Activate Copy / Paste

How to Activate Copy / Paste

Reflection – How to Access IMS Information

Reflection Web Access is the Program used to access the DSD mainframe (IMS). The Reflection icon is located on your computer desktop. The following steps outline how to use Reflection to access IMS Information Double-click the desktop icon to open the program. If you do not have access to the icon, you can either click […]

The Four-Part Process of Empathy

Empathy really involves the simultaneous blending of at least four processes: (1) tuning in to your feelings, (2) expressing your feelings, (3) tuning in to other’s feelings, and (4) responding to those feelings with understanding. Step 1: Tuning In To Your Own Feelings Every person experiences a continuous flow of feelings: about himself, about how […]