The Importance of Active Listening

Active listening is a model for respect and understanding and is a way to gain information and perspective. Access The Importance of Active Listening document .

The Four-Part Process of Empathy

Empathy really involves the simultaneous blending of at least four processes: (1) tuning in to your feelings, (2) expressing your feelings, (3) tuning in to other’s feelings, and (4) responding to those feelings with understanding. Step 1: Tuning In To Your Own Feelings Every person experiences a continuous flow of feelings: about himself, about how […]

Communication Processing Information from Varying Perspectives

“Processes information from varying perspectives” consists of 3 behaviors: identifies the core elements of an issue; considers the pros and cons, as well as the short and long-term consequences of decisions; arrives at logical, clear conclusions Staff will have greater confidence in a supervisor who demonstrates their ability to process information from varying perspectives. For […]

Communication – 5 Behaviors of Listening

“Listens to the ideas and concerns of others” is composed of 5 behaviors: seeks ideas, suggestions, and opinions from others; creates a comfortable climate for airing concerns; listens to ALL points of view with an open mind; listens carefully without interrupting; summarizes input, then checks for understanding Effective listening occurs when you seek to understand […]