UpdatedIncome – Wage Earner Tips and Special Pay

Determining monthly earned income is an integral part of determining program eligibility. Reviewing pay stubs for special pay and keeping several things in mind while looking at wages will assist you in assessing the correct income for the household. The following documents will offer tips on earned wages and how special pay can appear on […]

Reimbursements – Excluded from Income

Reimbursements for past or future expenses are not considered in income calculations. Examples of reimbursements include: travel, per diem, uniforms, and medical or dependent care. When a reimbursement covers multiple expenses, it is not necessary to itemize each expense.

Key Elements of Pay Stubs

Getting the Whole Story PAY stubs provide you with a lot of information about a client’s income, but they don’t always yield up their secrets without a little effort on your part. Here are some valuable tips on getting the important information you need. Check Stub Identification Make sure there is enough information on the […]