NewIncome- Excluded income

Provide income considered excluded for SNAP program.

How to Consider AmeriCorps Income for SNAP

Income from AmeriCorps determination.

Income – Excluded Tribal Income

**If none of the following excluded tribal incomes are met, then tribal income will be countable** Financial assistance to any Navajo or Hopi Indian pursuant to 25 USCS-460d-460d-31 may not be considered as income or resources or otherwise used as a basis for denying or reducing the financial assistance or other benefits to which such […]


Exemption – this may be an income or resource disregard or an exception from a program requirement.

Post Adoption Scenarios

340:40-7-12(6) Child care is available to parents who have adopted a child through DHS when the following policy requirements are met: The child has been adopted through DHS or a federally recognized Indian tribe, as defined by the Federal and Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Acts, by the parent who is applying for benefits; The adoptive […]

Post Adoption Top Issues

340:40-7-12(6) Top Issues Regarding Child Care for Post-Adoptive Families Families who have adopted a child are eligible for child care for the adopted child without any household income considered if the: child is adopted through DHS or a federally recognized Indian tribe; adoptive parent applying for benefits has a fully executed Form 04AN002E, Adoption Assistance […]

Post Adoption FAQs

340:40-7-12(6) Should income verification be requested at renewal for a client who meets the policy requirements to have no household income considered for an adopted child?  No. Adoptive families who continue to meet the policy requirements for child care with no household income considered should NOT be asked to provide proof of income at the […]

Income Availability

Income Consideration and Exploration A client must explore all potential forms of income to be eligible for child care. All available gross income is considered unless it is specifically exempt per policy. Income from a new source, such as employment, is only considered after it has been received by the client. Anticipated income is only […]