AFS Policy: Data Exchange

Data exchange – automated electronic information received from other agencies that provides benefit, wage, tax information, and verification of Social Security numbers that is matched with DHS electronic records.  Detailed information regarding the Address Validity and Integrity, BENDEX, Buy-in, SDX, SSN Enumeration, and TPQY data exchange screens is located in Quest.

Policy regarding this term is located at:

  • Child Care Subsidy:
  • Public Assistance Procedures (all programs):
    • 340:65-1-2. Confidential nature of case material;
    • 340:65-3-1. Determination of eligibility;
    • 340:65-3-4. Investigation of eligibility conditions and services planning; and
    • 340:65-3-8. Determination of continuing eligibility.
  • SNAP:
  • TANF:
    • 340:10-3-39. Income other than earned income; and
    • 340:10-10-2. Physical or mental incapacity of the natural or adoptive parent.

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