ADvantage and Other Waivers – Applications with Transfer Penalty

How should DHS Handle Advantage Applications with a Transfer Penalty

Transfer of Assets Penalty Period Calculator

Link to page on InfoNet which houses the Transfer of Assets Calculators.

UpdatedTransfer of Resources

Transfer of Resources or Assets – individuals who apply for or receive long term care services and transfer or give away resources are subject to a transfer penalty if the individual, the individual’s spouse, the guardian, or legal representative of the individual or individual’s spouse, disposes of resources for less than fair market value during […]

UpdatedPenalty Period

Penalty or disqualification period – the length of time an individual or household is not eligible or the benefit is reduced.  Depending on the program, the penalty may be removed as soon as the individual cooperates or it may be assigned for a certain time frame.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Public Assistance […]

UpdatedTransfer of Assets/Penalty Period Overview

Transfer of Assets Policy 317:35-9-67 (6) Home and Community based Waiver (HCBW) Policy 317:35-17-10 (4) ADvantage Policy 317:35-19-20 (6) Nursing Facility Policy 317:50-1-6 (5) Medically Fragile Waiver This information applies to transfers made on or after 02/08/06 The transfer of assets policy applies to any assets that are transferred including those transferred into a trust […]