CWA Specifications

The CWA Specifications, listed in numerical order as they appear on a CWA report, give information on both the reason for cases appearing on the CWA report and how the case can be removed from the report. 00 OKDHS Live! Pending Applications This report runs nightly and displays cases where any section is in application […]

Organizational Strategies – CWA Report

Tips for case management concerning the CWA report.

ACES Overview

ACES stands for Automated Caseload Evaluation System.

CWA Overview

CWA Reports are on-line, near-real-time reports of information taken from the IMS system alerting you to specific conditions occurring now or soon to be occurring in one or several of your cases. These reports are entirety within the IMS/PS2 System, with some key reports available from the InfoNet. For example, the system will track your […]