Auto-Renewal Process

Explanation of criteria for the ABD (SSP) Auto Renewal Process

OKDHS Live! Auto-Renewals

OKDHS Live! – Criteria for SNAP auto update: For SNAP Mid-Certification Renewals (aka “Reviews”)     Address must be in Oklahoma No separate household No students >18 and <50 No fleeing felons No earned income No self employment income Unearned income matches Unearned income on PS2 No medical expense No child support expense No person S/O/14 […]

State Supplemental Payment (SSP) & ABD Renewals

State Supplemental Payment (SSP) Renewals as well as other ABD renewals, also known as Annual Reviews may appear as any of the following reports on the CWA: (17) Benefit Reporting Case List Reports (05) Reviews Due Next Month, (07) Reviews Due Next Month, and (03) Delinquent Reviews; display reviews that have not been taken care […]

UpdatedOKDHSLive! Web Utility

The OKDHS Live! Utility can be used for the following: Updating Renewal Status; Viewing ODHS Live! submissions on a case; Updating the case address To access the OKDHS Live! Web Utility, open your internet browser and go to: Or, go to the OKDHS InfoNet Home page, under “Job Functions” click on “Adult & Family […]

CWA Overview

CWA Reports are on-line, near-real-time reports of information taken from the IMS system alerting you to specific conditions occurring now or soon to be occurring in one or several of your cases. These reports are entirety within the IMS/PS2 System, with some key reports available from the InfoNet. For example, the system will track your […]