Guidance for Authorized Representatives

Key Points and Instructions regarding Authorized Representatives

Submitting ADvantage/Personal Care Application on Client’s Behalf

Article to house link to Video Training regarding Harmony and ADvantage and Personal Care Applications

Public Assistance Procedures

Policy Links Regarding Chapter 65 Public Assistance Procedures

Delayed Application

Delayed application – a term used when an application is not approved or denied within the time limit allowed for the program.

Assignment of Support

Assignment of support – is a condition of eligibility for persons applying for TANF when the reason for deprivation is absence.  Each applicant or recipient of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) must assign to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) any child support rights, including cash medical, pending or continuing for any family […]

CWA Overview

CWA Reports are on-line, near-real-time reports of information taken from the IMS system alerting you to specific conditions occurring now or soon to be occurring in one or several of your cases. These reports are entirety within the IMS/PS2 System, with some key reports available from the InfoNet. For example, the system will track your […]

UpdatedDenials: Withdrawal of an Application

Policy 340:50-3-1(c)(2) SNAP policy states “ … a household may voluntarily withdraw its application at any time prior to the determination of eligibility.” The withdrawal must be documented in FACS case notes stating the reason for the withdrawal, if any stated by the household, and that contact was made with the household to confirm the […]