AFS Values: Integrity – Group Activity: Minefield

Integrity — Ability to know and do what is right

Problem Solving: Integrity
Summary: Blindfolded people navigate their way through the obstacles (cups) with the directions from partners.
Time: 10 minutes total
Brief the group: 2 minutes
Exercise: 5 minutes
Reflection: 3 minutes
Cups Represents: Clients, Relationships, Family, Friends, Supervisor, Role on the Team, etc… Everything that can challenge your integrity during the year.


  • Create two lines. One line on each end of the obstacle course.
  • Blindfold the first person in one of the lines.
  • Set a time limit for each participant to complete the activity. (Deadlines)
  • The first person in the other line will guide the blindfolded person toward them.
  • Once they have made it through the course they hand off the blindfold and play continues until everyone has been navigated through the course.
  • Optional: Blindfold half the team and have them all go at the same time.

office personell taking part in the mindefield activity

Facilitator Notes:

  • As participants try to navigate through the course talk to them and try to distract them which represents things that can get in the way on an average day.
  • Guides are not allowed to touch those that are blindfolded.

Processing the Ideas:

  • Discuss the importance of integrity: Ability to know and do what is right. How did this group do in demonstrating integrity to and from the guide to the blindfolded?(trust, following rules, meeting the deadlines, foul play from other teams etc…)
  • How does this relate to an office setting? (Distracting, leadership, following rules, etc…)
  • How will INTEGRITY look in your office? Identify 3 Integrity Driven Behaviors. One team member writes and reports out.
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